Form 290904
Exhibition: ArchiLab 2004 "The Naked City / La Ville nu”
6e Rencontres Internationales d Architecture d Orleans, France
Diameter 1,60 m
Material: gelatin 250 Bloom
Taste / Smell: wood-ruff
Colour: E102, E131 Kiwi green

Technical partnership by Wolf Peter Walter, Foodstuff and Biotechnology, Meddersheim, Germany

Photos: Francois Lauginie

Haverkamp Gallery, Cologne
Archilab, Orléans
BWA Wroclaw
Biennale di Venezia
Ars electronica, Linz
Arsenal, Bialystok/CSW Warsaw
FACT, Liverpool
Article Biennial Stavanger
Casino Luxembourg
Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
MSU Broad Art Museum, Lansing, USA
Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk