"Spatium Gelatum"
BWA- Galleries of Contemporary Art, Wroclaw, Poland 2003

1. "Coquagne design"
By lying on the water pneu the body weight exerts pressure on the water surface,
thus allowing to drink liquids from the floating reservoirs
Liquid in reservoirs: isocaloric drink, water, milk, Campari
2. "Bettruhe"
Bed, daily weightlessness simulation facility

Haverkamp Gallery, Cologne
Archilab, Orléans
BWA Wroclaw
Biennale di Venezia
Ars electronica, Linz
Arsenal, Bialystok/CSW Warsaw
FACT, Liverpool
Article Biennial Stavanger
Casino Luxembourg
Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
MSU Broad Art Museum, Lansing, USA
Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk