Exhibition "Matter(s) Matter(s): Bridging Research in the Arts and Sciences"
Broad Art Museum, Lansing, Michigan State University, USA, 2018

"Black Detroit", Spatium Gelatum
Form 171018, Detroit, USA 2018

Installation "The roots make nodes"

An alluminum frame with four bearings allowing manual rotating of the spherical reactor filled with agar
causing root growth of single plant which will create a knot.
The project was created as part of the Artist Residency program of Michigan StatemUniversity, Lansing, USA
in cooperation with prof. Brad Day, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences, MSU, Lansing USA

Haverkamp Gallery, Cologne
Archilab, Orléans
BWA Wroclaw
Biennale di Venezia
Ars electronica, Linz
Arsenal, Bialystok/CSW Warsaw
FACT, Liverpool
Article Biennial Stavanger
Casino Luxembourg
Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
MSU Broad Art Museum, Lansing, USA
Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk