Christine Koch: Biological Meets Mechanical, Vertical Studio, Spring 2010

Kyle Baumgardner: Free Form Thought, Vertical Studio, Spring 2010

Caitlin Gordon: A Study of Minimal Surfaces: A Biological Construction, Vertical Studio, Spring 2010

Christopher Kouttron: Vertical Studio, Spring 2010

Architecture students in Biolab: Microorganisms sample in Petri Dish.
In Collaboration with Chris Bjornsson, Department of Biology Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies.
Final Project, 2010-2011

Ashlee Giacalone: What if Everything Followed Swarm Theory?, Final Project 2010-201

Julie Solomon: “Life in Liquid. Aquatic Membrane as Habitat”, Membranes Chambers with Plants
Final Project, 2010-2011

Nadia Kulczycky: Polar Drift: An Aquatic Ice Culture, Final Project, 2010-2011

Cassandra Fortini: There is no place as foam, Biological Membrane, Energy Flux, Adaptation, Final Project, 2010-2011

Lisa-Christin Laue: Mineralizing Transient Forms, Vertical Studio, Fall 2011

Jason Wang: Self-Creation of Spatial Void, Vertical Studio, Fall 2011

Ariel Smith: Gravity Defying Itself, Vertical Studio, Fall 2011

Helen Ko: The Mashroom Dome, Vertical Studio, Spring 2013

Ryan Hao & Ke Li: Gel Curtain, Vertical Studio, Spring 2013

Brittney Radz & Angela Grivas: Pink Marshmallow, Vertical Studio, Spring 2013

Christina Yee: Stretched Dough, Vertical Studio, Spring 2013

Neha Mevada: Angel's hair. 3D Drawing. Spun Sugar, Vertical Studio, Spring 2013


Selected student projects