Zbigniew Oksiuta‚ Lecturer
School of Architecture‚ Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, New York, USA /span>

Studio ‚Human Habitat as Biological Living System‚ at Rensselaer School of Architecture is a cross-disciplinary research platform on the edge between art, technology and science, dealing with key environmental, cultural and economic issues to investigate universal principle of human habitat as a biological household on planet Earth. The general subject of research is to create the conditions for the development of a living, biological space.
The aim of this studio is to establish new sensitivity and respect to the cosmic richness of matter. In this new position the students assume the responsibility of a scientists and rather work as a researchers then an
architect-creator. Student‚ creative energy will be used not to develop
forms, but explore conditions that will enable the self-creation of autonomous physical, chemical and biological processes. This attitude radically differs from that of the architect, whose objective is to give the existing matter a new shape.
The key to this investigation is material science. For this reason the
research examines biologically active matter that transfer information and energy through liquid medium and enables unknown in architecture self-organizing processes.

Your Personal Habitat
Vertical Studio
Spring 2010

Toward the Biological Systems
Final Project
Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

Biological Future?
Vertical Studio
Fall 2011

Architecture as a Third Skin
Spring 2012

Food Mysteries
Vertical Studio
Spring 2013

The House for Princess and the Pea.
Vertical Studio
Fall 2013

Floating Islands
Vertical Studio
Spring 2014

Vertical Studio
Fall 2014

Housing in downtown Troy
Spring 2015

Spiritual Space
Fall 2015

Life Support System for You and
for Somebody You Love.
Vertical Studio
Fall 2016

Sweet Materiality of Space
Vertical Studio
Spring 2017

once upon a time there was Baba Yaga
who lived in a butter cottage
Vertical Studio
Fall 2017

Liebe Deine Stadt
Vertical Studio
Spring 2018

Schaulager for Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum
Fall 2018

Architecture in the eyes of your dog.
Spring 2019

Creativity versus. Responsibility
Vertical Studio
Fall 2019

Residential Complex. in Troy
Spring 2020


Selected student projects