The New Soil

The New Soil Project envisages the development of new material – modern soil, a biologically active
substance allowing the breeding and cultivation of living organisms usable as future construction
materials. Basing on biological research and the ©Breeding Spaces Project, it proposes that
biological polymers be used to that end. Ultimately, it assumes the development of a universal gel
with specific properties enabling the process of building three-dimensional stable structures. The
substance would also be biologically active – perfect for growing living organisms.

Imagine a substance that could be transparent, or come in different colors, tastes and flavors – and
serve as a fertile farming field. Dreams of vertical gardens could come true. Abandoning the cliché
that nature is all about green plants, this project concentrates on the use of microorganisms rather
than plants. Microorganisms would do our dirty jobs for us in artificial worlds. In conditions of
symbiosis – or parasitic dependency – they could decom¬pose our waste, or use the energy that we
lose in the construction industry, for purposes of their own development. They could turn dead
construction matter into formerly unknown biological values.

Bacterial and fungal colonies on agar medium in Petri Dish

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spatium gelatum
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