Zbigniew Oksiuta
The Sky reflects in Water

Over millions of years the Sky above us works as a shield that protects our planet against the deadly cosmos. The earthly water and a tiny layer of soil that is sheltered by the atmosphere, are flooded with sunrays, create a huge spherical reactor.
It is a cosmic womb, which cradles Life.
Earthly evolution took place within the field of gravity. All processes and forms depend on this force. Gravity protects Life by keeping the atmosphere in place. At the same timegravity imprisons Life on the planet.
But here on Earth, underwater, there is a special state of floating in which gravity is unnoticeable. This is the neutral buoyancy phenomena, the physical foundations for the development and morphology of all organisms and the key achievement of evolution.

Life takes advantage of this state and frees itself from the impact of gravity.
We have to use this phenomenon and create a new biological future in which living processes could happen not only on a nanoscale but also on a macroscale. Food, tools and shelters could be breed as living organisms.
I am sure Life itself is the best ambassador in space.
Not computers, not robots, not even astronauts, but DNA information with millions of years of the evolutionary experiences can make the settling of Life in the cosmos possible.
Let’s imagine a swarm of microscopic spaceships, each the size of a cell, drawing away from a blue planet. Each ship contains complete knowledge of evolution, not in the form of a lifeless computer, but in the form of real Life, DNA.
The human genome weighs around 40 picograms.
What force is required to launch such a mass into circumterrestrial orbit?
I believe that natural phenomena, auroras, and magnetic fields could help us overcome earth’s gravity and seed life in space.

The overcoming of Earth’s gravity by natural forces. Using the magnetic forces generated during geomagnetic storms from the aurora to transport charged microorganisms into interplanetary space.
Videostill: “Made in Space”, 2007
Animation by: Sebastian Kaltmeyer, Industriesauger-TV, Cologne

The Cosmical Sperm
Swarm of mini Biospheres in Space
A set of sphere-shaped and biopolymer bubbles used as containers for investigating the development of live objects in space.
Videostill: “Made in Space”, 2007
Animation by: Sebastian Kaltmeyer, Industriesauger-TV, Cologne

The Cosmic Garden, 2003-2007
A liquid polymer pneu (a bubble cast) made in space as a container for breeding live organisms.

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