Macrosphere filled with water

Plasmalema- Underwater Habitat is an object from biological polymers created underwater with the use of neutral buoancy Liquid membrane provides tight barrier for water surroundings and simultaneously enables the penetration of physical bodies inside them.The penetration through the membrane does not harm its tightness similarly to the phenomenon of the water closing after plunging of a physical object.Thus the transport and exchange of energy are possible.The macrosphere is filled with Perfuorocarbon (PFC),the liquid which enables the man to breathe underwater.Plasmalemma means the project of liquid underwater space in the state of constant isopychic state.The project researches human possibilities to live underwater.
Fluid breathing – direct oxygen absorption from liquid by lungs. First studies were conducted in the USA in the 60ties as part of the water town projected planned by NASA.In 1973 – first experiment in fluid breathing by a man.
Scientific researches and practical experiments have been conducted by Johannes Kylstra of Duke University in Northern Caroline.
Presently Fluid breathing,
Liquid ventilation is the programme for medical studies.The method is used in treatment of respiratory system.
The topic of fluid breathing was presented in
“The Abbys” film by James Cameron in 1989.
Johannes Kylstra was a consultant for research studies presented in the film.

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