A congealed empty bubble (A) has walls of different thickness and of different colours and its surface is constituted of transparent and non-transparent irregular areas.By dosing the amount of water in it you can make the polymeric membrane walls hard or soft and flexible.The form floats in a tank filled with liquid glycerine (B)and inside of it (D),like wine in a glass,there ’s another liquid polymeric substance (C).
When the inner substance is in liquid state rotation and change of position of the whole object is possible,it can be rotated and rolled in the tank.
While rotated the spherical object acts like a ball-bearing,the ball revolves in a glycerine grease and inside of it a liquid substance flows (C).Depending on specific purpose the transparent surfaces of the object can remain above the glycerine level facilitating viewing of the outside or the form can be in a “closed ” state – than these areas will remain in a tank,below the glycerine level.When a new position is taken,the liquid matter inside the form is stabilised.Depending on viscosity factor this polymeric matter can remain in form of liquid,soft substance or solid matter.Thus,inside the object a liquid,soft or hard surface can emerge,that physically always remains levelled and constitutes the usable surface of the habitat.In this matter different spaces can be drilled and on its flat surface new forms can be created.The project assumes creation of a utility form of architectural size in which polymers,facilitating forming spaces of different physical qualities from one material,are used as a construction matter.Location of the form in liquid and the principle of inner and external bearing sets the object free from fixed foundations and allows for dynamic changes of of position and structure of the habitat.

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