Spatium Gelatum, Form 090704
Biological Containment
Form 090704 after several spatial invaginations and deformations

Diameter: 2.5 m, thickness of the sphere: 0.3 – 1.0 cm,
Material: gelatine 270° Bloom, colour, taste, smell: neutral
Physical properties: viscosity 31.8 mP, transparency 93.4%, conductivity 248 uS
Chemical properties: pH 5.60, ash contents ≤ 0.5%, water content before drying 70%, metals ≤ 40 ppm
Bacteriological properties: aerobic germs ≤ 1000/g
Made by NWT-Nahrungsmittelwerke Twist GmbH, Twist, Germany
Technical cooperation: Wolf-Peter Walter, Econtis, Emmen, the Netherlands

Photos H.W. Acquistapace, Meppen
Twist, Germany 2006

Gedenkstatte Alte Synagoge
Biological Containment